Applicants must submit the MTN Scholarship Application online form together with their
UCT application number received from the UCT GSB Admissions Office.
It is not possible to apply for a MTN Scholarship without applying to the business school.
Required supporting documents include a CV and completed Affidavit.


Which UCT GSB programme are you applying to? (please mark applicable box)

Which area/s of our work most interests you? (please mark applicable box?)
How did you hear about the scholarships? (please mark applicable box?)


Please tell us who you are, what your values are, and what motivates you? Use examples from your personal and professional experience. * (Maximum of 300 words)

Envision the future you. Who is the person you want to be in 5 years? How will the MTN Scholarship help you build towards your career path and accelerate your progress? * (Maximum of 300 words)

Describe the innovation, entrepreneurial or technology activities that you have been involved with in the last 12 months, specifying your personal role in these activities. Demonstrate your track record in your chosen focus area. * (Maximum of 300 words)

Explain your vision for your chosen focus area (and or project) clearly and how you would use this opportunity to build towards that vision and accelerate your progress? * (Maximum of 300 words)

What will you contribute to the MTN Solution Space and MTN Scholarship community? * (Maximum of 150 words)